Subverting stereotypes through poetry

Omar at GDSOmar Sakr is a bi-sexual Arab Australian poet, and his debut collection of poetry has just been published by Cordite Books.

The collection, called These Wild Houses, is about family, religion, sexuality and Omar’s experiences of growing up in Western Sydney.

He speaks to Georgia Moodie about why he puts his sexuality and ethnicity front and centre in his work, and about how his poems undermine negative stereotypes of Arab Australians.

I recorded this interview for RN’s Books and Arts, and you can listen to it here.


A feminist reimagining of Joan of Arc

JOAN by The Rabble_featured Dana Miltins_credit David Paterson_landscape.jpg

The Rabble are a Melbourne theatre company devoted to creating surprising and challenging work – work that is political, feminist and experimental.

Their latest work, Joan, investigates the historic figure of Joan of Arc and what this 15th century French martyr and soldier means for women today.

Georgia Moodie speaks to co-founders of The Rabble and co-creators of Joan, Kate Davis and Emma Valente, and one of the four performers, Dana Miltins.

I recorded this interview for Books and Arts on ABC RN, and you can listen to it here.

John Darnielle’s unsettling second novel

Universal HarvesterJohn Darnielle, best known as the man behind the American indie folk band, The Mountain Goats, has just released his second novel, Universal Harvester.

The novel, published by Scribe, is a slow-burn mystery set in the seemingly calm cornfields of a small town in Iowa in the late 1990s.

Customers of the local video store are finding dark, disturbing scenes spliced onto their rented videos – scenes which seem to transfix all those who have seen them.

My interview with John was recorded live on ABC RN’s Books and Arts, and you can listen to it here.

Trainspotting live


Published in 1993, Irvine Welsh’s novel Trainspotting, about a group of down and out heroin addicts living in Edinburgh, came to define a generation.

The film adaptation of the novel became an international blockbuster, and the sequel T2 Trainspotting is in cinemas across Australian now.

Tonight in Melbourne a stage adaptation of the novel opens and promises to immerse you in Trainspotting’s world of sex, drugs and 80s trance.

I recorded this interview live on RN’s Books and Arts and you can listen to it here.

China’s One-Child Policy told in powerful new play

Bistro Vue - Tim Grey

In 2016, China’s One-Child Policy officially came to an end, and according to the Chinese government, the policy prevented about 400 million births.

The One-Child Policy also produced so-called little emperors – a generation of only children, adored and doted on by both parents and two sets of grandparents.

A new play at Melbourne’s Malthouse Theatre, called Little Emperors, draws on true stories to explore the emotional fallout of China’s One-Child Policy.

I produced this story for Books and Arts on ABC RN, and you can listen to it here.

Haunted by the Fukushima earthquake

Arts House – Asia TOPA_chelfitsch – Times Journey Through a Room (9 – 12 Feb 2017)_Image # 5_Elke Van den Ende.jpg

In 2011, a catastrophic earthquake hit Japan.

It was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded to hit Japan, triggering tsunami waves and causing level 7 meltdowns at the Fukushima Nuclear power plant.

It killed somewhere between 18 and 20 thousand people.

A new play called Time’s Journey Through a Room looks at the emotional scars left by this disaster.

I produced this interview for ABC RN’s Books and Arts, and you can listen to the story here.

My dad’s tea addiction


My father Simon Moodie and me (Ruslan Kulski, ABC)

My dad Simon Moodie is very concerned that his favourite tea, Robur Green Signal Black Tea, has just been pulled from supermarket shelves.

It’s a Blended China Pekoe, with a distinctive smoky flavour.

The tea was first made by Griffiths Brother’s Tea Company, which was established in Melbourne in 1879 by James and John Griffiths.

We go on the hunt for this historic Australian tea, following my dad as he goes to independent supermarkets around Melbourne to buy up as much of the remaining tea as he can get his hands on and meeting other fans of Green Signal Tea from around Australia.

I produced this story for Blueprint for Living on ABC RN, and you can listen to the story here.