Ultimately Frisbee

Michelle Phillips, one of Australia’s elite athletes, has devoted the past 11 years of her life to the little-known sport of Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee, or Ultimate, is a fast-paced, 7-on-7 game played with a plastic disc – the kind you might have thrown around on the beach.

The sport started in America in the late 1960s, and while Ultimate is now played all over the world, it still isn’t that well known.

In 2016, Michelle captained the Australian Women’s team at the World Championship in London, and she’s at the peak of her playing abilities.

But after a few tough years, she needs to decide whether to keep playing the sport she loves so much, or whether it’s time to retire from playing at an elite level.

You can hear my documentary on Michelle, which I made for ABC RN’s Earshot here and read an article I wrote for ABC News here.